Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Pure Caviar gluten free?
We evolve more and more towards the idea that gluten are not always good for dogs and that they could be responsible for provoking allergies. Pure caviar is not only free of wheat. We do not use corn, soy nor potatoes. We are of the opinion that all this do not belong in dogfood.
What does cold pressed mean?
Our pellets are produced at low temperatures so that the natural materials are better conserved.
Why does Pure Caviar work with only one animal protein source?
More and more dogs suffer with allergies and have to follow an elimination diet. Thanks to our pure natural materials Pure Caviar can fulfil the function of a hypoallergenic food. Know what your dog eats!
Other manufactures do not speak of “protein fraction”. Why do you?
This question should actually be asked at “the other manufactures”. Pure Caviar checks how the amount of protein reacts against the total amount of energy in the feed. That is the only way you can estimate the effect/ impact it will have on the dog. It is very important because not enough protein can cause serious problems in the muscles and in the development. Too much protein overburdens the kidneys and the liver, which might result in serious problems. More information about this you can find on this website.
How long can you keep Pure Caviar?
Even though we do not use chemical conservation products, Pure Caviar can be conserved 18 months dating from the production. This is possible because of a well thought out selection of the raw materials, the most modern production methods and a adapted packaging (with valve). The date or expiration is always mentioned on the packing.
Why do we not have a puppy, light or senior version?
Here we have to look at what happens in nature. Puppies, young dogs, old dogs, bitches, male dogs, etc. they all eat the same. Only the amount and/or the need is different. Pure Caviar has been developed so that it is suitable for every stage of life of the dog. It is natural that a young dog will eat more than an old and slow dog.
I have several dogs, can they all eat the same feed?
Of course! Stop using all different variations for your dogs. Pure Caviar is suited for every healthy dog, whatever breed, age or sex.
Starting from what age can my dog start eating Pure Caviar?
As soon as the pup starts eating solid food he can already eat Pure Caviar.
My dog is getting old, should I not start with a different feed?
No, Pure Caviar is conceived so that everything a dog needs is in it, even seniors. In case you might notice that your dog is becoming less active and has a tendency to put on weight, just feed him a little bit less.
How much should I feed?
The amount differs from dog to dog. You can find the recommended amount on each packaging. This, however, is a guideline. Watch your dog’s ribs! If he becomes too skinny, then give him more. If he becomes fat, then give him less.
Which mixing ratio should I use to switch over to Pure Caviar?
As cold pressed kibble and extruded kibble do not form a fantastic combination in the stomach, we advise not to mix Pure Caviar with other brands. The switch happens in one go. Most dogs do not have any problems with this.
Can I add fresh feed to Pure Caviar?
Certainly! As Pure Caviar is a cold pressed pellet it digest as fresh feed.
My dog is too fat. Is there a variant of Pure Caviar too loose weight?
No. Being too heavy is the result of eating too many calories. It is necessary to evaluate what the dog eats, including treats and then reduce the calorie intake. In case you reduce the intake of food, do this with a maximum of 10% per period of two weeks.

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