Protein fraction

Protein Calculator

Everybody is well aware of the fact that proteins are important building stones for the correct functioning of the dog. Here we think of the functioning of the muscles, metabolism, immunity, hormones etc. Because of this there are many dog owners who keep a keen eye on the percentage of proteins as written on the package. And usually with the rule "the more the better" Unfortunately the above rule is NOT correct.

What is the meaning of protein-fraction? It is the ratio between the quantity of protein and the quantity of energy in the food. Thanks to our protein-fraction calculator it is easy to find out the protein-fraction in the food you are using now.

The ideal protein fraction ( for dry food ) is between 22% and 25%. For pups and growing dogs this should be no more than 27%.

Too high percentages are too taxing for liver and kidneys and usually cause a malfunction of these organs. Young dogs will grow irregularly and too fast.

To give your dog the best chances, we at Pure Caviar are specially focused on the quality and the quantity of the raw materials that are delivered by through our proteins.

Protein fraction

0% to 21%: too low
22% to 25%: perfect
25% to 27%: perfect. ONLY for puppies and/or growing dogs
28% or more: too high

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